Meet Joe ‘The Associate’ a Las Vegas retro rock independent artist originally from New York with a love for classic rock. Joe brings a modern twist and often a touch of comedy to his music. As Joe ‘The Associate’ he has been honing his craft for the last several years and now has become known for his captivating performances at showcases and musical events. 
      Whether performing solo or with ‘The Associate Band’ Joe's energy and passion shine through. Check out his latest music video, "Hot Damn!" filmed at Atomic Motors, or his performances on YouTube, and immerse yourself in his world of retro rock with a somewhat comedic edge.  
     Somehow within a short timeframe Joe  has been able to create instant classics with songs like Sharks, Hot Damn! , 25 Years, Human Zoo, Sonoran Sunset, Glass of Wine & Whiskey Right Now. As well as his latest single  Eye of the Storm.  In short, Joe & ‘The Associate Band’ are sure to be here for a long time with songs like these.